Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Comment Policy

Here is my policy for accepting comments that you make on this blog:

  1. I moderate all comments. I accept comments for one or more of the following reasons:
    • The poster offers an interesting point
    • The poster engages in critical and thoughtful debate
    • The poster either clarifies or offers an opportunity to clarify a point
  2. It is okay to question my ethics or competence when proof is provided. Flame wars will not be posted or engaged. I will not approve a comment that insults me or dismisses my arguments without engaging the points directly. Respect between is paramount to ensure we can have thorough discussions.
  3. If I don’t publish your comment, feel free to ask me why. I promise to explain.
  4. I will not edit or redact a comment that you submit unless I have your permission, with the possible exception of fixing an obvious typo. I may interpolate my replies, however. If you don’t like that, you can email me privately to complain, or you can post your comments about my stuff on your own blog, and then you’ll have total control.\
  5. If you want to comment on a reply I made to one of your comments, consider replying to me privately, so we can have the whole conversation. Then when you are ready to make your follow-up comment, I’m more likely to approve it.
  6. By publishing your comment, I am implicitly endorsing it as potentially useful to the audience of this blog.
  7. If you want me to remove or modify an earlier comment of yours, I will do so. Provided I can do so with Blogger's tools. (I have not yet checked this ability out)
  8. You retain copyright over your comments.
Comment Policy borrowed from James Bach